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Isuzu Generators
90 KW,55 KW,and 40 KW

Product Function:
The Isuzu Engines are driving Generators to supply Power to our Service Rigs for lighting and heat in remote locations throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

How often is the product used (on average)?
We are averaging approximately 5000 hours a year on these units.

What features does the customer like about the Isuzu engine powering the product?
We work in harsh conditions with -30 to -40 C temperatures as the extreme and find the reliability, power and durability key to our success. The generator is our beating heart and if it fails we are no longer generating income plus field repairs will eat up profits very fast. We sample the engine oil every oil change and find there is no more wear on an engine with 35000 hours versus a new engine.

What benefits of Isuzu are most noted within this product?
It has 3 abilities, deliverability, durability, and reliability.

What, in the company's opinion, is the Isuzu advantage?
Extremely low operating costs and the long life of these engines. My calculations show that with the original cost, repairs, regular maintenance and fuel consumption these units cost us about $5.00 (Can) per hour to operate over a 40,000 hour life.

Who is the Distributor/Dealer who supplied the customer with the Isuzu product?
11720-181 STREET
(780) 486-2645
(780) 486-2676 - Fax

What was the purchase experience like?
Efficient, professional, positive, friendly and supportive.

We operate 53 rigs presently and have 44 Isuzu driven generators with the hours ranging from new to 38000 hours. Our engines consist of;

1. 4-4BDIT
2. 15-4BGIT
3. 1-6BGIT
4. 3-4BDI
5. 2-4JBI
6. 19-4BGI

Tom Dragon
Equipment Manager
Concord Well Servicing